Biographæa is a set of navigation charts, an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery through inner and outer landscapes of your biography.

Grounded in the anthroposophical spiritual science of Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), the general aim of ‘biography work’ is to illuminate the stages of your personal development, as you pass through numerous phases of life.

Biographæa is a handbook embracing multi-dimensional modes of consciousness, a conceptual framework and practical guide to navigating your journey. These books will enable you to anticipate, face and understand both internal and external destiny challenges, to make new choices and fulfil your decisions.

Regardless of your age or stage of life, and of whatever discipline or vocation you are engaged in, biographical work offers knowledge and guidance in your awakening to spiritual consciousness.

Biographæa promotes and enables a process for understanding your Self as an integral part in a complex world; both of these being in a state of constant metamorphoses. Over many years of research, practice, and refinement, work with biographical development, as represented in Biographæa, has become a modality of self-development and healing transformation which can bridge the divisions of cultures, generations, world views and even between your Self and itself.

Biographæa shares a treasury of imaginative practices with which to creatively master Life’s journey.
Biographæa inculcates the poetry of artistic inspiration about what you perceive and feel along the way.
Biographæa promotes intuitively applied wisdom whilst shedding light into the dark crevices of unknowing.
Biographæa accompanies the integration of your ‘I’ on the journey of coming to know your Self.

From the Foreword by Joan Sleigh

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